Top 10 WaterTech Startups in India


WaterTech, the essence of life, stands as one of the most crucial resources essential for sustaining human health, agriculture, industry, and ecosystems, where Niramai Health Analytix, JanaJal, Taranis, Cleantech Solar, AquaKraft, Sarvajal, Placio, Elix, SmarterHomes Technologies, and Oizom are leading startups in India innovating solutions for sustainable water management. In India, a country marked by its diverse climatic conditions and burgeoning population, the management and conservation of water resources pose formidable challenges. Rapid urbanization, industrialization, agricultural demands, and environmental degradation have exacerbated water scarcity and pollution issues across the nation.

Amidst these challenges, a new wave of innovation is emerging through WaterTech startups, harnessing technology to revolutionize how water is managed, purified, distributed, and conserved. These startups are at the forefront of leveraging advancements in Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), nanotechnology, and renewable energy to tackle India’s water-related challenges head-on. By pioneering sustainable solutions and innovative approaches, these companies not only aim to ensure equitable access to clean drinking water but also seek to enhance agricultural productivity, improve industrial water efficiency, and safeguard environmental sustainability.

From deploying solar-powered water ATMs in remote villages to developing IoT-enabled smart meters for water conservation in cities, these startups are reshaping India’s water landscape. They are not only addressing immediate needs for safe drinking water but also advocating for long-term water security through scalable and cost-effective technologies. Moreover, these initiatives align with global sustainability goals, such as the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 6 (Clean Water and Sanitation), demonstrating India’s commitment to achieving water sustainability in the face of growing challenges.

1.Niramai Health Analytix

Niramai Health Analytix is a Bengaluru-based startup pioneering a non-invasive, radiation-free method for detecting breast cancer using a combination of thermography and AI. Their solution, Thermalytix, is aimed at detecting early-stage breast cancer in a cost-effective manner, making it accessible to a larger population. Founded in 2016 by Geetha Manjunath and Nidhi Mathur, Niramai has garnered attention for its innovative approach to healthcare diagnostics. With a mission to democratize healthcare, Niramai continues to expand its reach and impact in early cancer detection globally.

LocationBengaluru, India
FoundersGeetha Manjunath, Nidhi Mathur

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JanaJal is a social enterprise based in Gurugram, India, focused on providing clean drinking water solutions through water ATMs. Established in 2013 by Parag Agarwal, JanaJal aims to tackle the challenge of safe drinking water access in urban and rural areas by deploying smart water dispensing units powered by solar energy and IoT technology. Committed to sustainability, JanaJal continues to innovate in water purification and distribution, impacting communities across India positively.

LocationGurugram, India
FounderParag Agarwal

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Taranis is an Israeli agricultural intelligence company with a significant presence in the Indian market. Founded in 2015, Taranis offers a comprehensive AI-driven platform for precision agriculture, enabling farmers to monitor fields and make data-driven decisions to optimize crop yields and reduce environmental impact. With a focus on sustainability and efficiency, Taranis continues to empower farmers across India with cutting-edge technology and actionable insights.

LocationTel Aviv, Israel
FoundersOfir Schlam, Eli Bukchin, Amihai Zeltzer

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4.Cleantech Solar

Cleantech Solar is a leading solar energy provider in Asia-Pacific, including operations in India. Established in 2014, Cleantech Solar specializes in delivering customized solar solutions for commercial and industrial customers, helping them reduce carbon footprint and energy costs through reliable renewable energy systems. Committed to sustainability and innovation, Cleantech Solar continues to expand its footprint in India’s renewable energy sector.

FoundersRaju Shukla, Rajesh Sehgal

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AquaKraft is a Pune-based startup that focuses on developing sustainable solutions for water treatment and conservation. Founded in 2018, AquaKraft specializes in modular water purification systems that utilize advanced filtration technologies to provide clean drinking water solutions for communities and industries. Committed to environmental stewardship, AquaKraft aims to make a significant impact on water scarcity issues in India and beyond.

LocationPune, India
FoundersPrasad Cherkady, Ravindra Pai

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Sarvajal, a social enterprise launched in 2008, addresses water scarcity in India by providing affordable and scalable clean drinking water solutions. Based in Mumbai, Sarvajal operates a network of water purification kiosks and leverages cloud-based technology for remote monitoring and maintenance, ensuring reliable access to safe drinking water in rural and urban areas. With a mission to create sustainable impact, Sarvajal continues to innovate in water purification technology.

LocationMumbai, India
FounderAnand Shah

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Placio is a startup based in Delhi-NCR that focuses on providing safe and hygienic student housing solutions. Established in 2016, Placio integrates water management technologies into its facilities to ensure efficient water usage and quality, catering specifically to the needs of students and young professionals. Committed to enhancing the living experience, Placio continues to expand its footprint in India’s student accommodation sector with sustainable practices.

LocationDelhi-NCR, India
FoundersRohit Pateria, Ankush Arora

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Elix is a Bengaluru-based startup specializing in advanced water purification technologies. Founded in 2018, Elix focuses on developing compact and energy-efficient water treatment systems for residential, commercial, and industrial applications, aiming to provide sustainable solutions for clean water access. With a commitment to innovation and environmental responsibility, Elix is poised to make a significant impact on India’s water purification industry.

LocationBengaluru, India
FoundersSiddharth Shah, Juzar Khorakiwala

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9.SmarterHomes Technologies

SmarterHomes Technologies is a Pune-based startup specializing in smart home automation solutions, including water management systems. Established in 2014, SmarterHomes integrates IoT technology to monitor and optimize water usage in residential and commercial buildings, promoting sustainability and efficiency. With a focus on enhancing lifestyle and environmental conservation, SmarterHomes continues to innovate in the smart home sector.

LocationPune, India
FoundersAmit Dixit, Anant Sardeshmukh

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Oizom is an Ahmedabad-based startup that specializes in environmental monitoring solutions, including water quality monitoring. Founded in 2015, Oizom develops IoT-based sensors and analytics platforms to monitor various environmental parameters, helping industries and municipalities manage water resources more effectively. With a focus on data-driven insights and environmental sustainability, Oizom is at the forefront of India’s environmental technology sector.

LocationAhmedabad, India
FoundersAnkit Vyas, Kedar Sohoni

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FAQs on WaterTech Startups in India

1. What are WaterTech startups?
WaterTech startups are companies that utilize technology to address challenges related to water management, purification, distribution, and conservation. They innovate in areas such as water treatment, smart water meters, IoT-based monitoring systems, and sustainable solutions for clean drinking water.

2. Why are WaterTech startups important in India?
WaterTech startups play a crucial role in India due to increasing water scarcity, pollution, and inadequate access to clean drinking water in many regions. These startups bring innovation, efficiency, and sustainability to water management practices, helping to conserve resources and improve water quality.

3. How do WaterTech startups contribute to environmental sustainability?
WaterTech startups contribute to environmental sustainability by developing technologies that reduce water wastage, improve water quality through advanced filtration and purification systems, and enable efficient water management through data-driven insights and smart monitoring solutions.

4. What are some challenges faced by WaterTech startups in India?
Challenges faced by WaterTech startups in India include regulatory hurdles, access to funding for research and development, scalability of solutions across diverse geographical and socio-economic conditions, and changing consumer behavior towards adopting new technologies.

5. How do WaterTech startups innovate in water purification and treatment?
WaterTech startups innovate by developing cost-effective and energy-efficient water purification technologies, such as membrane filtration, UV disinfection, desalination, and nanotechnology-based filtration methods. They also integrate IoT and AI for real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance of water infrastructure.

6. What impact do WaterTech startups have on rural communities in India?
WaterTech startups have a significant impact on rural communities by providing access to clean drinking water through decentralized purification systems, water ATMs, and community-based water treatment plants. These solutions help improve health outcomes and economic opportunities in rural areas.

7. How can individuals and businesses support WaterTech startups in India?
Individuals and businesses can support WaterTech startups by investing in their technologies, collaborating on pilot projects, providing mentorship and expertise, adopting water-efficient practices, and advocating for policies that promote sustainable water management practices.

Certainly! Here are three more frequently asked questions about WaterTech startups in India:

8. What are some examples of successful WaterTech solutions implemented by startups in India?
Some successful WaterTech solutions implemented by startups in India include:

  • JanaJal’s water ATMs providing clean drinking water in urban and rural areas.
  • Sarvajal’s network of water purification kiosks using cloud-based monitoring for reliability.
  • Elix’s compact and energy-efficient water treatment systems for residential and industrial use.

9. How do WaterTech startups leverage technology like IoT and AI in their solutions?
WaterTech startups leverage IoT (Internet of Things) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) to enhance water management and purification processes. IoT sensors monitor water quality, consumption patterns, and infrastructure health in real-time. AI algorithms analyze data to optimize water treatment processes, predict maintenance needs, and improve overall efficiency.

10. What trends are shaping the future of WaterTech startups in India?
Several trends are shaping the future of WaterTech startups in India, including:
– Increased adoption of smart water meters and IoT-based monitoring systems.
– Integration of blockchain technology for transparent water transactions and data security.
– Focus on circular economy principles in water management, emphasizing recycling and reuse of water resources.
– Growing emphasis on community-based and decentralized water treatment solutions to address local water challenges effectively.

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