Top 10 Data Privacy Startups in India

Data Privacy

India’s data privacy landscape has seen significant growth, driven by the rapid adoption of digital technologies and increasing concerns over data security. As businesses and consumers alike become more aware of the importance of protecting sensitive information, a new wave of startups has emerged, offering innovative solutions to address these challenges. These companies are leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced encryption to safeguard data against a wide range of cyber threats.

This document highlights the top 10 data privacy startups in India, each making remarkable strides in their respective fields. From digital rights management and cloud data protection to cybersecurity and mobile application security, these startups are setting new standards for data privacy and protection. They are not only catering to the needs of domestic markets but are also expanding their footprints globally, showcasing the strength and potential of Indian innovation in the data privacy domain.

Here, we delve into the profiles of these pioneering companies, exploring their founding stories, key products and services, notable clients, and the accolades they have received. These startups represent the forefront of India’s data privacy revolution, contributing significantly to the global cybersecurity ecosystem.

1. Seclore

Seclore is a prominent Indian data privacy startup that specializes in enterprise digital rights management (DRM) solutions. Established in 2006, Seclore enables organizations to manage and secure their digital assets. The company’s technology ensures that sensitive data remains protected even after it leaves the organization’s boundaries. Seclore provides granular usage controls over documents and emails, ensuring that only authorized users can access them. Their solutions are widely adopted across various industries, including banking, finance, and defense. Seclore’s innovative approach to data security has earned it several accolades and a strong customer base globally. Headquartered in Mumbai, the company continues to expand its market presence.

HeadquartersMumbai, India
IndustryDigital Rights Management
Key Products/ServicesEnterprise DRM solutions
FoundersVishal Gupta, Abhijit Tannu
Number of Employees200-500
Notable ClientsHDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Infosys
AwardsDeloitte Technology Fast 50 India

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2. Druva

Druva is a leading data privacy startup focusing on cloud data protection and management solutions. Founded in 2008, Druva offers a platform that unifies data protection and information governance across endpoints, data centers, and cloud workloads. The company’s products ensure data security, compliance, and resilience. Druva’s cloud-native approach leverages the power of AWS and other cloud providers to deliver scalable and efficient data protection services. Headquartered in Pune, Druva has a significant presence in the global market, serving industries such as healthcare, education, and financial services. Druva’s innovative solutions have garnered multiple awards and recognitions.

HeadquartersPune, India
IndustryCloud Data Protection
Key Products/ServicesData protection, Data governance
FoundersJaspreet Singh, Milind Borate
Number of Employees1000-5000
Notable ClientsNASA, Pfizer, Deloitte
AwardsGartner Magic Quadrant Leader

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3. Innefu Labs

Innefu Labs is an innovative data privacy startup specializing in artificial intelligence and data analytics-driven cybersecurity solutions. Founded in 2010, Innefu Labs develops products that enhance data security through predictive intelligence and deep learning. The company’s solutions include identity and access management, risk assessment, and digital forensics. Innefu Labs’ flagship product, AuthShield, is known for its multi-factor authentication and endpoint security features. Headquartered in New Delhi, the company serves various sectors including government, defense, and enterprises. Innefu Labs’ commitment to cutting-edge technology has positioned it as a key player in the cybersecurity landscape.

HeadquartersNew Delhi, India
IndustryCybersecurity, AI, Data Analytics
Key Products/ServicesAuthShield, Multi-factor authentication
FoundersAbhishek Sharma, Tarun Wig
Number of Employees200-500
Notable ClientsIndian Army, Police Departments, Banks
AwardsNASSCOM Emerge 50, IBM Global Entrepreneur

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4. Lucideus

Lucideus is a data privacy and cybersecurity startup that offers a comprehensive suite of security services. Established in 2012, Lucideus provides risk assessment, cybersecurity consulting, and training services. Their flagship product, SAFE (Security Assessment Framework for Enterprises), helps organizations quantify and mitigate cyber risks. Lucideus has a unique approach to measuring and managing cybersecurity risks, which has earned it recognition among major enterprises and financial institutions. Headquartered in New Delhi, Lucideus has expanded its operations globally, offering its services to clients across various industries.

HeadquartersNew Delhi, India
Key Products/ServicesSAFE, Risk Assessment, Consulting
FoundersSaket Modi, Vidit Baxi, Rahul Tyagi
Number of Employees200-500
Notable ClientsICICI Bank, NPCI, Coca-Cola
AwardsForbes 30 Under 30, Top 100 Startups

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5. CloudSEK

CloudSEK is a fast-growing data privacy startup focused on digital risk monitoring. Founded in 2015, the company offers a comprehensive platform that combines machine learning, contextual AI, and automation to predict and prevent digital threats. CloudSEK’s flagship product, XVigil, provides real-time threat intelligence, brand monitoring, and cyber threat detection. Headquartered in Bangalore, CloudSEK serves a diverse clientele, including financial services, e-commerce, and government sectors. The company’s innovative use of AI in cybersecurity has been widely recognized, leading to several awards and significant investment rounds.

HeadquartersBangalore, India
IndustryDigital Risk Monitoring
Key Products/ServicesXVigil, Threat Intelligence
FoundersRahul Sasi
Number of Employees100-200
Notable ClientsAxis Bank, NPCI, Tokopedia
AwardsNASSCOM Emerge 50, Red Herring Top 100

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6. AppSealing

AppSealing is a data privacy startup specializing in mobile application security. Founded in 2014, AppSealing provides security solutions that protect mobile apps from threats such as reverse engineering, tampering, and data breaches. Their cloud-based security platform ensures real-time protection without requiring any coding or changes to the app. AppSealing’s robust security framework is trusted by enterprises across various industries, including gaming, finance, and e-commerce. Headquartered in Bangalore, AppSealing continues to innovate in the mobile security space, ensuring apps remain secure against evolving threats.

HeadquartersBangalore, India
IndustryMobile Application Security
Key Products/ServicesMobile app security, Real-time protection
FoundersJames Ahn
Number of Employees50-200
Notable ClientsSamsung, Sony, HDFC Bank
AwardsFrost & Sullivan Award, Cybersecurity Excellence Award

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7. K7 Computing

K7 Computing is a well-established data privacy and cybersecurity company known for its antivirus and internet security solutions. Founded in 1991, K7 Computing has developed a range of products that protect against malware, ransomware, and other cyber threats. The company’s solutions cater to individual users, businesses, and government institutions. Headquartered in Chennai, K7 Computing has a strong presence in the Indian market and is expanding internationally. Their commitment to providing comprehensive and user-friendly security solutions has made them a trusted name in the cybersecurity industry.

HeadquartersChennai, India
IndustryCybersecurity, Antivirus Solutions
Key Products/ServicesAntivirus, Internet Security
FoundersK Kesavardhanan
Number of Employees500-1000
Notable ClientsBSNL, Indian Railways, L&T
AwardsAV-Comparatives, VB100

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8. Uniken

Uniken is a cybersecurity startup that focuses on providing secure digital connectivity solutions. Founded in 2013, Uniken’s flagship product, REL-ID, offers a secure platform for identity and transaction security. The platform ensures end-to-end security for digital interactions, protecting against phishing, man-in-the-middle attacks, and data breaches. Headquartered in Pune, Uniken serves a global client base across sectors such as banking, finance, and e-commerce. The company’s innovative approach to securing digital identities has earned it several industry recognitions and a growing customer base.

HeadquartersPune, India
IndustryCybersecurity, Digital Identity
Key Products/ServicesREL-ID, Identity and transaction security
FoundersBimal Gandhi
Number of Employees100-200
Notable ClientsKotak Mahindra Bank, First Abu Dhabi Bank
AwardsRSA Conference Innovation Sandbox, Finovate

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9. ShieldSquare (now Radware Bot Manager)

ShieldSquare, rebranded as Radware Bot Manager, is a leading provider of bot mitigation solutions. Founded in 2014, ShieldSquare developed advanced technologies to protect websites, mobile apps, and APIs from malicious bots. The company offers comprehensive solutions to detect and prevent various types of automated threats, including web scraping, account takeover, and fraud. Headquartered in Bangalore, ShieldSquare has been integrated into Radware, enhancing its global reach and capabilities. Their innovative bot management solutions are trusted by enterprises worldwide, ensuring secure and seamless online experiences.

HeadquartersBangalore, India
IndustryBot Mitigation, Cybersecurity
Key Products/ServicesBot management solutions
FoundersPavan Thatha, Shalini Thatha
Number of Employees200-500
Notable ClientsUrbanClap, Zomato, Ola
AwardsGartner Cool Vendor, CISO50 Awards

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10. Smokescreen

Smokescreen is a cybersecurity startup specializing in deception-based threat detection. Founded in 2015, Smokescreen offers innovative solutions to detect and respond to advanced cyber threats. Their flagship product, IllusionBLACK, uses deception technology to create realistic decoys and traps for attackers, thereby identifying and mitigating threats before they cause harm. Headquartered in Mumbai, Smokescreen serves various industries, including finance, healthcare, and critical infrastructure. The company’s unique approach to cybersecurity has garnered significant attention and multiple industry awards.

HeadquartersMumbai, India
IndustryCybersecurity, Threat Detection
Key Products/ServicesIllusionBLACK, Deception technology
FoundersSahir Hidayatullah
Number of Employees50-200
Notable ClientsNPCI, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Infosys
AwardsFrost & Sullivan, Cybersecurity Excellence Award

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: What is data privacy and why is it important?

A1: Data privacy refers to the handling and protection of sensitive personal and organizational information to prevent unauthorized access, use, or disclosure. It is important because it helps protect individuals’ and organizations’ sensitive information from cyber threats, ensuring trust and compliance with regulations.

Q2: How do data privacy startups in India contribute to cybersecurity?

A2: Data privacy startups in India contribute to cybersecurity by developing innovative technologies and solutions that protect data from breaches and cyberattacks. They offer products and services such as digital rights management, cloud data protection, threat intelligence, and mobile application security, enhancing overall data security for various industries.

Q3: What industries benefit the most from data privacy solutions?

A3: Industries that benefit the most from data privacy solutions include finance, healthcare, e-commerce, government, and defense. These sectors handle vast amounts of sensitive data, making them prime targets for cyber threats and thus requiring robust data privacy measures.

Q4: What is digital rights management (DRM) and how does it work?

A4: Digital rights management (DRM) is a set of technologies used to control the use of digital content and devices after the initial sale. DRM solutions enforce restrictions such as who can view, edit, copy, or distribute the content, ensuring that only authorized users can access it. This is achieved through encryption, digital licenses, and access controls.

Q5: How does artificial intelligence (AI) enhance data privacy solutions?

A5: Artificial intelligence (AI) enhances data privacy solutions by providing advanced analytics and automation capabilities. AI can identify patterns, predict threats, and automate responses, making it easier to detect and mitigate cyber threats in real-time. This leads to more efficient and effective data protection.

Q6: What are some common features of mobile application security solutions?

A6: Common features of mobile application security solutions include protection against reverse engineering, tampering, data breaches, and unauthorized access. These solutions often use techniques such as code obfuscation, encryption, runtime protection, and secure coding practices to safeguard mobile apps.

Q7: What is deception technology in cybersecurity?

A7: Deception technology in cybersecurity involves creating realistic decoys and traps within an organization’s network to detect and deflect cyber threats. These decoys mimic real assets, attracting attackers and revealing their presence and tactics. This helps organizations identify and respond to threats before they cause significant damage.

Q8: How do cloud data protection solutions work?

A8: Cloud data protection solutions work by securing data that is stored, processed, and transmitted in the cloud. These solutions use encryption, access controls, and data loss prevention techniques to protect data from unauthorized access and breaches. They ensure that data remains secure both in transit and at rest in the cloud environment.

Q9: Why are bot mitigation solutions important for websites and mobile apps?

A9: Bot mitigation solutions are important for websites and mobile apps because they protect against automated threats such as web scraping, account takeovers, and fraud. These solutions detect and block malicious bots, ensuring the security and integrity of online services and protecting user data from abuse.

Q10: How do startups in India stay ahead in the rapidly evolving field of data privacy?

A10: Startups in India stay ahead in the rapidly evolving field of data privacy by continuously innovating and leveraging new technologies such as AI, machine learning, and blockchain. They also focus on understanding emerging threats and regulatory requirements, adapting their solutions to meet the changing needs of their clients and the cybersecurity landscape.


The landscape of data privacy and cybersecurity in India is rapidly evolving, driven by the increasing digitalization of businesses and the growing awareness of data protection needs. The top 10 data privacy startups highlighted in this document exemplify the innovative spirit and technical prowess that characterize India’s contribution to the global cybersecurity ecosystem.

From Seclore’s digital rights management solutions to Druva’s cloud data protection, and from Innefu Labs’ AI-driven cybersecurity to AppSealing’s mobile application security, these companies are pioneering efforts to secure sensitive data against a myriad of cyber threats. Their advanced technologies and services cater to various industries, ensuring robust protection for financial institutions, healthcare providers, e-commerce platforms, and government entities, among others.

These startups not only address current cybersecurity challenges but also anticipate future threats, continuously innovating to provide cutting-edge solutions. Their contributions are recognized through numerous awards and a growing client base, both domestically and internationally.

As digital transformation continues to accelerate, the role of these startups becomes even more critical. Their commitment to safeguarding data and ensuring privacy will remain paramount in building a secure digital future. By investing in research and development and staying abreast of emerging trends, these companies are well-positioned to lead the way in the global data privacy and cybersecurity arena.

In conclusion, India’s data privacy startups are setting new benchmarks in cybersecurity, driving innovation, and ensuring that sensitive information remains protected in an increasingly interconnected world. Their ongoing efforts and advancements will undoubtedly shape the future of data privacy and security on a global scale.

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